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Vamos Juntos

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    Vamos Juntos

    La Paz, Bolivien

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    Holaaa! I'm Maike from Germany and for now I'm working for the NGO "Vamos Juntos" in La Paz, which is in charge of supporting the shoe shiners and their families and provides anti-discriminatory work. My focus is on the alternative tourism project. We offer tours through the city of La Paz, which are guided by our shoeshiners and give an idea of the most important sights and life of a shoeshiner. Why do they go out on the street with covering masks? What is it like to clean as a woman? Do their families know about their jobs? One of the objectives of this city tour is to establish contact between the population and the shoeshiners, dispel fears and act against discrimination. If you're interested I would love to get in contact with you to provide more information :-) Just let me know!

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    Tourism with different shoes

    • Nicolás Acosta 442, La Paz, Bolivia
    Posted: 7. January 2019