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Social Enterprises

Agricultural Center Santa Rosa

  • Agricultural Center Santa Rosa
  • Agricultural Center Santa Rosa
  • Agricultural Center Santa Rosa
  • Agricultural Center Santa Rosa
  • Agricultural Center Santa Rosa


What kind of business do you recommend? : Santa Rosa is the agricultural center and one of the biggest social businesses of Corazones para Perú. Loacted in the vally of Chicón, a small part of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In an altitude of 3400 Meters above sea level we grow on a territory of three hectars potatoes, salad, tomatoes, corn and herbs as well as many other plants. Our production also includes a small beekeeping and about 300 guneapigs.
What do they use their funds for? : The main objective of the agricultural center Santa Rosa ist the maintainance an sustainability of the alimentation of our orphanages village `Munaychay`. The Village with about 50 childen between 4 and 18 years of age, coming from difficult social backgrounds, is located directly next to the farm.
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Location : Jirón Mainique 629, Urubamba, Peru

Standing in Urubamba, one can easily see the snowy an glacierous top of the Chicón Mountain. Enterering the Chicón vally, passing through the rural communities of Yanaconas and San Isidro, one will arrive at the last houses in the valley, our orphanage Village “Munaychay”. That´s also where Santa Rosa is located.The land is worked by a team of 5, living in the valley. Without agricultural engine, because of the lack of financial resources and the hard to work territory, there is a lot of menpower needed. If it is not the epoch to till the fields with bulls, there is bad weed to pull off or some plant to harvest.Currently we are renovating Santa Rosa, already being in Service for twenty years. So new greenhouses are needed, some of the fields to be restructured and the carpenter´s workshop already has been reconstructed. If you want to spend a day helping out while getting in contact with the us, you are warmly welcomed to do so. Simply contact us! And: if you already have not tried chicha, here you´ll find one of the best places to do so 😉

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