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  • Cactus Cleanup
  • Cactus Cleanup
  • Cactus Cleanup


When? : Monday - Samstag
Spoken languages : English
Location : Windhoek, Namibia

If you got a heart for environmental issues and animals, you can have an important impact on the preservation of the local flora in Windhoek. Birds and other animals suffer from the invaded cacti since they repress local plants and the animals get stuck in the cacti and are not able to free themselves. “Cactus Cleanup” employs people, who often have no chances to find work, to remove the cacti systematically. They receive a fair income and increase the awareness for “Environmental protection and animal welfare” in Namibia. You’re welcome to help with the cleanup of cacti, while exchanging with the locals of Windhoek.

Almut Voigts, Cactus Cleanup in Windhoek: “The project connects environmental and social topics while adressing a problem, which is beeing ignored by our government.”



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