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La Punta – Bajamar Avanzando

  • La Punta – Bajamar Avanzando
  • La Punta – Bajamar Avanzando


When? : Once a month cinema, social and cultural group activities, find them on facebook
Spoken languages : english, spanish
Who can participate? : everyone
Link to Website (optional) :
Location : Carretera General de Bajamar, La Laguna, Spain

LA PUNTA BAJAMAR AVANZANDO is a non-profit socio-cultural organization with 15-20 active members in a rural area of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

AVANZANDO’s main purpose is to enhance the access to cultural, educational, environmental and social activities in the rural communities of Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo.

AVANZANDO promotes active citizenship, critical thinking and social implication of citizens in the cultural and social life of the local community. Through a participatory approach, the neighbors are empowered to collaborate and exchange knowledge, skills and experiences. An example of such a project is a big monthly Sunday event, Domingo familiar, where the citizens can suggest and implement educational activities on a large variety of topics, where 150-200 people attend usually.

AVANZANDO also aims at increasing awareness about the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of the area as well as developing local, regional and international projects to protect its treasures. Tenerife has 43 protected areas and 48,6 % of the territory of Tenerife island is subject to some form of protection. In specific, Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo take part of the territory of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Anaga since 2015.

AVANZANDO has experience with organizing a wide variety of activities:

1. Cultural activities (cinematography, art, music, theatre, dance, painting, drawing, literature etc.)

For example, once a month, there is a Cineforum, a documentary projection on different topics with the purpose to create dialogue, encourage critical thinking and foster the development of social and civic competences.

2. Non-formal educational activities – development of competencies and knowledge through workshops, conferences, seminars and language exchange.

3. Environmental activities (ecological agriculture, ecological gardening, protection of the natural heritage, urban garden etc)

4. Other activities (promoting social entrepreneurship, digital competencies etc.)

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