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Tourism with different shoes

  • Tourism with different shoes


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Location : Nicolás Acosta 442, La Paz, Bolivia

To change the image of shoe shiners in society – that’s what we’ve been trying to do since 2013 in our alternative tourism project “Tourism with different shoes”, in which shoe shiners show interested paceños (inhabitants of La Paz) and other Bolivians, as well as foreign tourists, the most important sights on a tour of the city centre and provide them with background information. 

At the same time, they also give an insight into the situation of shoe shiners in La Paz. By telling the participants something about the history of the shoe shiners in the city and about their working and living environment, they show them a different picture than the one that is so widespread in society. Instead of seeing only alcoholics, drug addicts and fraudsters in the shoe shiners, they learn that the shoe shiners are providing a normal service that is used by the majority of the population. These are usually family fathers (in some cases also mothers), pupils, trainees and students, but also people between 70 and 86 years old who (have to) earn their living in this way. The tours will be accompanied by VAMOS JUNTOS members, who will translate the information of the shoe shine into German or English on request. 

A big part of the income goes directly to the “alternative travel guides”, the other part to VAMOS JUNTOS as support for social work. In addition to the guided tour, each participant also receives a VAMOS JUNTOS “memorial package”.

So, if you are interested in getting to know La Paz from a completely different perspective, just contact us. Whether by mail (, via Facebook or on the phone. After contacting us, we can give you information about the costs and the exact course of the tour. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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