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When? : All Year
Spoken languages : English,Kiswahili
Who can participate? : Volunteers
Link to Website (optional) :
Location : Mfangano Island, Kenya

This is a certified non-profit community based organization, founded in the year 2012 and works for a better future on Mfangano Island in the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria. We strive to provide access to basic quality education, healthcare and socio- economic empowerment for those orphaned or widowed by HIV/AIDS.

The main economic activities on the island are subsistence farming and fishing. Over 30% of the island’s population is affected by the HIV/AIDS disease and this is one of the highest rates in the world.We embrace local sustainable initiatives or approaches in our efforts to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in our rural community.

We are honored to accept volunteers from around the world to Mfangano Island at any point during the year to help realize our social goals.

The volunteers will help in our efforts depending on the skills they have in various fields.Below are activities that the travelers will help in:

1. Campaigning: This entails raising awareness of our projects by marketing the jewelry made by the widows, and filming workshops. They will also manage our website and social media accounts.

2. Fundraising: Organizing fundraising efforts meant to seek sources of financial support for the organization from individuals, corporate partners and public sectors,including fundraising initiatives for the orphaned children school fees.

3.Education: Providing educational support to the children. Most of the children are computer illiterate and volunteers can help in teaching basic computer lessons for the disadvantaged kids to be able to compete fairly with kids in township areas.

4.Counseling: Volunteers will join our weekly meet-ups with the children. Talking and playing with the kids and helping out with food distribution.

5.Farming & building: The organic farm activities depends on the time of the year.This include watering, planting, seeding, mulching, digging among other activities. We plan to start new farming projects such as poultry keeping, rearing traditional chickens that are on demand and with good returns to make the project self-sustainable.

The travelers will get to know everything about life and local culture on our island in Lake Victoria. Additionally, Mfangano island also has attractive physical historical features and brilliant landscapes.Volunteers will be able to visit cultural and historic sites such as the Abasuba Community Peace Museum, traditional rock art paintings, and ancient caves, swimming, hiking, bird watching, and boat expeditions around the island during their free time.

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